In its International Day. The strangest ten info regarding cats “Possible to drink from the ocean normal”

If you’re one among those that believe that cats can sooner or later dominate the planet, you may positively be one among those that celebrate their World Day on August eight each year to encourage folks to acknowledge cats and save them from status, additionally as celebrate unconditional love for his or her cats.

The world celebrated the primary time in 2005, however, the celebration was referred to as in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. whereas most of the planet can celebrate it on Aug. 8, most European countries can celebrate it on Gregorian calendar month seventeen and Russia can celebrate it on March one, in line with the official web site of World Cat Day.

The number of cats within the world is calculable at five hundred million cats from thirty-three totally different races. Cats square measure the foremost well-liked animals, each reception and at the net level. maybe owing to her character and peculiar behavior, what does one understand the strange nature of this charming object?

1-It is feasible to drink from the ocean

This phrase we tend to use to ridicule others doesn’t mean something to cats wherever they’ll drink from saltwater to moisten and moisten her body and her body to filter the water and obviate salt.

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