American football rules

The emergence of American foot-ball

{american soccer|American football|American football game|football|football game} could be a special sports game that’s known within u.s. and North American country and differs from regular football. Some individuals decision it football or football. the sport was known within the nineteenth century. it’s aforementioned that this game started in the European country once one among the soccer players was annoyed. The law kicked the ball while not touching it by hand however was loved and loved once he took his hands and dodged the opposite players till the last pitch, then captive this game to America within the middle of the nineteenth century. it’s become additional known in high colleges, colleges, and universities. groups and stadiums are established. the principles of this game are changed to the purpose wherever the ball has modified to associate oval ball and a federation has been created…

American football team tools

The ball is the associate oval ball, fabricated from animal skin, consideration up to 425 grams. The player’s uniform consists of a shirt and shorts fabricated from nylon or cotton. so as to forestall injuries, the player wears protecting instrumentation per his task on the sphere. The guns, the back, and therefore the back is less serious to maneuver quicker, and therefore the protecting instrumentation is that the helmet fitted with a belt connected to the chin and mask, the protection components of the teeth, and therefore the pads that shield the knees, thighs, and shoulders. every team has over fifty players, however solely eleven players ar on the pitch. every team is LED by the coach’s head and a variety of assistants. Their job is to spot and train the players and select the player to play.

American football rules

Time of the sport

The game time is an hour, the sport is split into 2 halves, every 0.5 is termed 1/2 the 0.5, and therefore the break time is twenty minutes between the 2 halves. The break between {the 2|the 2} quarters could be a minute or two permitting the groups to alter places.

the method of enjoying

The game begins with the beginning kick that starts from the center of the pitch by casting lots between the 2 groups, and therefore the additional the team scored a goal begin kicking the ball once more, however before that gather all members of the team in an exceedingly additive kind to prompt the team leader methodology of play, the goal is to deliver the ball from player to player hands till the ball reaches another team’s space.

Score goals

The goals are scored per the principles of football through the supposed under-touch by the attackers, and score the team six points by progressing and skipping the target line within the opponent space non-stop, and therefore the method of conversion and score for the team one purpose, the goal of the sphere and therefore the ball is corrected on top of the goalie, could be a 2 columns at the top of the world of the team and score the team 3 points, and therefore the methodology of safety and defense and marking the team solely 2 points, and win the match the team that scored a bigger variety of points throughout the time of the sport.