The 5 Types Of Friends Worth Keeping Forever


Without having somebody to share the sorrow and joy, without going on adventures together, or knowing that someone has your back, life can be empty. Friends are the family, that we get to choose.

A true friend in your life is invaluable. Friends can sometimes cause confusion for us, make us angry, and sometimes even challenge us, however they are crucial for our health just like a healthy and balanced diet, and physical exercise.

True friends are the ones that help us grow through every stage of our life.

These are the types of friends that you should always keep in your life:


5. The Uplifting Friend




People who are motivated and always positive, always greet you with a big smile, and who lift your mood up are worth staying in your life.

This friend is always going to encourage you to pursue your dreams, encourage you, and never give up on you. Also, this friend is always going to calm your mind when you are worried, and will boost your mood.

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