[Attention] 5 Harmful Foods for the brain

During our daily life, and through many meals that we eat, there are some types of food, that may harm our brains and neurons. As many of us think that the foods affect only on the digestive system, but this is not true, because with developing of manufacture, which gave us choices of food to eat, some of these foods have a direct effect on the brain, not only digestive system.

Why the brain? 

As we know, there is no any action done by the human, without a brain action, the brain controls every thought, belief, and feeling. The mind keeps your heart beating, and your lungs breathing all the time. So, the brain is the control room of your organs.

Here we will mention five foods which have adverse effects on brain health :

The most dangerous number 1

5-  Fish rich in mercury

The fish meat, in general, is so healthy, but we are talking primarily about long-lived predatory fishes, you will be amazed if you know these types of fish are harmful to your brain health.

Fish that are long-lived and predatory tend to have the highest concentration of mercury in their flesh. This high mercury content comes from eating other fishes containing a low amount of mercury, and with a long lifetime, the mercury content in these fishes becomes high.

The mercury is a heavy metal contaminant and neurological poison. So, try to prevent eating some fishes like swordfish, tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, to avoid lousy mercury effects on the brain’s neurotransmitters functions.

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