Effect of wines on health and life


1-Effect of wines on human health

Liquor is one of the most dangerous daily beverages for humans, which has many negative effects, they are not limited to human health but affect the entire society.

Wines or alcohols generally can impair and disrupt vital functions of a large number of human body organs. Alcohols disrupt organs from functioning properly and significantly reduce their activity.

In addition to serious diseases caused by drinking large amounts of liquor, or so-called Addictive liquor.

Let us talk about the effects of alcohol on the human body:


1.5-Circulatory system (Heart and arteries)

According to a study conducted that drinking alcohol in large quantities for males and females causes blood clotting significantly, this significantly increases the likelihood of recurrent heart attacks.

Drinking alcohol in large quantities has a direct effect on the heart, where it causes a marked decrease in myocardial activity, as well as affects the elasticity of blood-carrying arteries. It can get worse as you continue to drink alcohol in large quantities to cause alcoholic cardiomyopathy, which may eventually lead to myocardial hypertrophy.Open Next Page To See More