Here’s what Happens if you Consume 2 Bananas a Day

Bananas area unit a stable food supply that may be found as regards to anyplace within the world. Bananas may be found in 107 completely different countries, and area unit the fourth most significant crop within the world. they’re delicious once ripe, dried, cooked, and might even style sensible once under-ripe. Bananas area unit nice by themselves however they’ll take grain, gelato, and dairy product to consequent level. they’re conjointly one among the healthiest foods out there. they create for an excellent snack, being sweet enough to create you forget they’re conjointly healthy.

What would happen if you were to eat 2 bananas a day? We’ll inspect however this would possibly have an effect on your body and your health, each the great and therefore the dangerous (but it’s largely good). Bananas area unit wealthy in fiber, potassium, and vitamins B6 and C. However, individuals with sure issues ought to avoid intense too several bananas. Don’t worry an excessive amount of that, we’ll conjointly inspect {how several|what percentage|what number} bananas is just too many thus you don’t o.d. on the great stuff.

What you Get From 2 Bananas

210 calories
54g of carbohydrates – eighteen of RDA
900mg of metallic element – pure gold of RDA
28g of sugar
2g of dietary fiber – pure gold of RDA
6g of macromolecule – four-dimensional RDA
You also get this proportion RDA for many alternative important nutrients;

34% RDA of ascorbic acid
2% RDA of fat-soluble vitamin
2% RDA of iron
16% RDA of atomic number 12
40% RDA of vitamin B6
So, what would happen if you Ate 2 bananas each day?

You’d Get loads of metallic element

Most people don’t perceive however the vital metallic element is for his or her body. It’s as a result of they don’t perceive simply what it will in there. the metallic element is one among the foremost vital nutrients there’s. as regards to each cell within the body uses a metallic element to get the electrical charge they have to figure properly. the metallic element is additionally accustomed to keep the center rate at a gentle and healthy pace, maintaining healthy force per unit area levels, and stimulating the discharge of internal secretion as required to stay glucose levels healthy.

The suggested Daily Allowance (RDA) for metallic element for healthy adults is between three,500 – 4,700mg of metallic element per day. There area unit alternative factors that may have an effect on what quantity metallic element you wish, as well as style decisions. visit your doctor if you’re upset you aren’t obtaining enough for you. 2 average bananas have around 900mg of metallic element, that may be a nice begin to obtaining enough. alternative sensible dietary sources of metallic element area unit white beans, beets, potatoes (white potatoes and sweet potatoes), spinach, spaghetti sauce, and watermelon.

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