This diet may be a terribly effective one. it’ll speed up your metabolism and you’ll lose heaps of weight. you’ll be able to lose up to fifty-five pounds counting on your current weight and the way abundant you’ll follow it.

If you don’t wish to lose that abundant weight, you’ll be able to finish it earlier. you ought to perpetually eat the subsequent sequence: supermolecule day, starch day, carbs day, and fruit day.

BREAKFAST: This diet is predicated on fruits, and you’ll consume fruit for the length of the entire diet, i.e. 90 days. you ought to perpetually consume the same try of fruits, for example, two oranges, 2 apples, one or two of berries, etc.

Your diet must always begin with supermolecule day, and once you end the sequence, you’ll begin with the supermolecule day everywhere once more.


You should ne’er amendment the sequence of days!


Lunch: you ought to eat roast or stewed piece of meat, with a slice of bread. you’ll be able to conjointly eat dish the maximum amount as you wish, and drink 200ml soup (no noodles). If you don’t desire ingestion meat some days, you’ll be able to eat three cooked or stewed eggs.

Cheese and milk are allowed, however, you ought to eat the dairy farm in smaller amounts than the meat and eggs.

Dinner: Your dinner is going to be constant as your lunch, however, while not the soup and also the bread. So, if you Ate meat for lunch, you ought to conjointly eat meat for dinner. You shouldn’t eat for four hours between your meals!

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Lunch: you’ll be able to select from beans, peas, rice, or potatoes (one of them). you’ll be able to spice them up with salt, pepper, oregano, pasta sauce, vegetable spice. you’ll be able to conjointly eat the dish and a slice of bread.

Dinner: you ought to eat constant issue for your dinner, simply 0.5 the quantity. You shouldn’t eat for a minimum of three hours between your meals!


Lunch: you’ll be able to eat a feeder dish, food with spices, or pastry (ex. three breadsticks).

Dinner: you’ll be able to eat two little slices of cake, 3 cookies, or three scoops of ice-cream. you furthermore may eat a row of chocolate (70% of cocoa or more). You shouldn’t eat for a minimum of three hours between your meals!

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You can eat any quite fruit the maximum amount as you wish to for your lunch and dinner. However, you ought to look ahead to two hours between your meals.


The water day comes once a cycle of 7×4 days (every twenty-ninth day). So, once per month, 3 times throughout this diet you’ll drink solely water! you’ll be able to conjointly drink tea and occasional while not sugar.

When you end the diet, you ought to continue ingestion fruits for breakfast for a minimum of ninety days! you ought to conjointly try and eat often and healthy.

You can notice that this diet has healthy foods, and also the amount is honest. If you can’t see any changes within the initial ten days, don’t worry, as a result of your body is adjusting itself to the new diet and you’ll begin to slenderize later on.

You should perpetually follow the times, and don’t skip any meals as a result of your body wants those nutrients.

You can check your blood and your force per unit area throughout the diet. many of us with the cardiovascular disease say that they didn’t take any drugs for prime force per unit area whereas they were on the diet!