14 Nutrient-Packed Low-Calorie Foods To Boost Your Weight Loss

Counting your daily calorie intake has long been the gold customary of weight loss and maintenance. however, recognizing low-calorie foods isn’t as simple as reading food labels. In fact, nearly five-hundredths of food labels inaccurately list their calorie content .

Below may be a list of low-calorie fruits and vegetables that may support your weight loss, however, calories content isn’t everything.


Calories are basically energy that your body uses to perform all of its tasks: from digestion to blood circulation, and different mechanisms of survival.

While keeping track of calories eaten and burned will assist you to change state, there’s additional to that.

Calories from changed foods that contain unhealthy fats and excessive sweeteners don’t seem to be as satisfying as nutrient-rich foods like avocados and ivy-covered greens.

These natural foods facilitate your body to burn fat through the digestion of their natural fibers. They conjointly fill you up to form you less possible to ingurgitate.

On the opposite hand, calories from processed foods are less nutrient, and so, less satisfying. this implies you’re additional possible to crave sweets later within the day.

“…counting calories result in failure ninety-five .4% of the time—and usually leaves folks fatter,” insists dessert apple deliverer, author of The Calorie story. He’s isn’t wrong either.

“Food produces secretion effects within the body,” explains Jonny Bowden, PhD., CNS, a board-certified dietitian.”Some hormones say ‘store that fat’; others say ‘release sugar’; others say ‘build muscle.’ Study when a study shows that diets supported a similar quantity of calories, however completely different proportions of fat, supermolecule, and carbohydrates, lead to completely different amounts of weight loss.”

Instead of enumeration calories, build your calories count by feeding smaller parts of supermolecule, fat, or carbohydrate-rich foods and replenish on the low-calorie fruits and vegetables below.

14 LOW-CALORIE FOODS you’ll EAT each day

One of these low-calorie foods ought to build its method onto your plate each day.


Cooked onions contain roughly forty-four calories per 100g. They’re conjointly jam-choked with an element, potassium, vitamin b6, and vitamin C.

Onions are an area of a similar family as chives, garlic, scallions, and leeks. As such, it contains powerful compounds like quercetin and sulfur. These compounds close to providing onions chemopreventive properties. In fact, researchers believe their wealthy organosulfur compounds inhibit growth and mutation and fight free radicals.

Additionally, onions contain B-complex vitamin, that fights depression by dominant homocysteine levels within the body. Homocysteine stall nutrient flows to the brain and interferes with the assembly of monoamine neurotransmitter, dopamine, and catecholamine. The hormones have an effect on mood, sleep, and craving.

Onions add lots of flavor to sauces, stir-frys, soups, and salads.